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There is no doubt that the greatest billionaire, Femi Odekola, is perhaps the most popular name within the nation. In addition to his achievements within the world of enterprise, many music artists also hold their own identity in their songs, reflecting his illustrious wealth.

Because of his pedigree and status, it doesn’t matter that he stays in the news almost all the time, but over the week, the loving entrepreneur appears to be breaking his personal record when he takes his three daughters to buy a luxurious car.

In a single swoop, the philanthropist purchased three brand new Ferrari Portofino sports cars for each of his daughters, Tolani, Ifoluwa and Temi.

And immediately after the information went viral online and on social media, it changed one of the many trends and highlighted topics for many Nigerians and many Nigerians reacted to it. While many people praised the businessman for his loving gestures for their children, some said that cash could be used to lift many people out of poverty.

However, Otodola’s philanthropic gestures make no sense. He has accelerated the healthcare payments of many Nigerians in entertainment, sports and various sectors within the nation. Many exceptional residents have also benefitted from his generosity.

Their children are additionally making them proud in a completely different place of their industry. If we’re talking in regards to the daughter’s profession, Tolani is a singer who has launched several songs in a short period of time, and her second daughter Ifoluwa who is popular as DJ QP, a disc jockey in addition to a number ambassador Is that of reputable brands and philanthropists. Temi may also be a fashion blogger and influence and has featured in Kunal Afolayan’s new film, Quote.


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