Big twitter hack fallout continues from this week, A small VC fund launches by podcaster Harry Stebbings and robots assist with sorting the mail.

As we all know the no account hacked has been hacked earlier this week in which there are certain no. of high -profile accounts were hacked as a part of what seemed to be a cryptocurrency scam. So how dangerous was it?

Elon Musk to Joe Biden has raised questions on Twitter’s safety because it serves as a megaphone for politicians forward of November’s election.

“Based on what we know right now, we believe approximately 130 twitter accounts were targeted by the hackers in some way as part of the incident,” Twitter said in a tweet.

The company said in a comment, “We have no evidence that attackers accessed passwords,.currently, we do not believe resetting your password is necessary.”

But, Twitter didn’t say whether hackers had been in a position to enter customers’ direct messages. The company was criticized by many people for failing to end-to-end encrypt DMs. Senator Ron Wyden says “While it still is not clear if the hackers behind yesterday’s incident gained access to Twitter direct messages, this is a vulnerability that has lasted for far too long, and one that is not present in other, competing platforms.”

The largely deleted post which attackers post was, people had only 30 minutes to send $1,000 in cryptocurrency bitcoin, promising they gain double. More than $100,000 value of bitcoin was sent to e-mail addresses mentioned within the tweets, based on, which screens crypto transactions.

The company is continuing its forensic overview of all the accounts to verify all actions that will have been taken. Twitter additionally believes the attackers could have tried to sell a number of usernames.

The company added in a post “We are continuing our investigation of this incident, working with law enforcement, and figuring out longer-term actions we must always take to improve the security of our systems. We have multiple teams working around the clock targeted on this and on keeping the people who use Twitter safe and informed,”

The worst cyber attack was held on this week, were hackers tries to sell cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But later, Twitter had acknowledged the attacker. “Twitter had stated that it was assessing if personal information associated with those accounts had been additionally compromised. The micro-blogging web site had additionally disabled downloading ‘Your Twitter Information’ pending investigation.


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