An Australian woman has revealed directions for restoring your old, weak carrots to the juicy orange state using a glass of water.

The woman, Lottie Dalziel who is the founder of eco-friendly beauty store Banish disclosed this in a short TikTok video where she advised that the carrot can be submerged in a glass of water for five minutes in order to rehydrate the vegetable.

‘Do you have some old, bendy carrots sitting in the fridge? Well don’t throw them out, they’re probably just dehydrated,’ she said in the video.

‘Pop them in some water for five minutes – yes this does work – pull them out and they will be as good as gold!’

The amount of time needed however depends on how weak the carrot is.

You can also use this technique to restore lettuce, celery, spring onion and bok choy to its rehydrated state.

Carrot is 86% water and needs water to remain fresh.

When you put carrot in water, it undergoes a process called osmosis which occurs in the fine hairs on the carrot that helps it to absorb the water.

Although some TikTok users questioned the hack, other users who have attempted it verified it’s effectiveness.

‘It does work! Sometimes it helps to peel them a little bit first,’ one user said.

‘Does work but after a few hours,’ another said.

A third said: ‘I store mine in water in the fridge – change the water once a week and they last for ages.’

Lottie has also shared other valuable videos on her tiktok account. One of the videos teaches how to grow spring onions or shallots

In the video, she begins by chopping off the ends of the vegetable and leaving about two to three centimetres of stem from the roots.

A rubber band is then used to keep the short stems together and placed in a jar of water and she kept it in a sunny spot.

The spring onions will then regrow from the stems over time and similar method can be carried out each time.

Restoration using water does not apply to vegetables alone, Lottie explained that rubber hair ties can also be brought back to their initial, rigid form after being submerged in warm water.

‘All you need to do is boil the kettle and soak the [hair ties] in water for about ten seconds and they become nice and tight again!’ Lottie said.


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