The Health Ministry revealed on Sunday, that on last day there was lesser than 8,000 coronavirus test has been carried out, which is a huge drop according to the testing level over the last couple of weeks during the new Coronavirus pandemic phase. Also, the number of patients in serious conditions continued to sike.

The total no of COVID-19 infected patients since the pandemic start is around  72,315 and according to last Sunday there were just 625 new coronavirus cases recorded on Saturday

According to the Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center, operating under the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate in cooperation with the Health Ministry, said that the big reason for the artificially lower case due to just 7,739 testing rate.

On a Sunday report, the task force stated that “The variety of checks, very low even in comparison with earlier weekends, has led to a very low number of new verified sufferers. In our estimation, this determine doesn’t reflect the true image of an infection,”

The Health Minister stated that on Sunday, since Saturday there are 5 more people who had died, which keeping the national death toll to 531. There have been 14 COVID-19 fatalities recorded between sunset on Friday night and Saturday night time, matching an earlier 24-hour excessive toll final seen in mid-April on the top of the primary wave of the pandemic.

According to the cases, From 26,153 active cases around 340 patient has been in serious condition, up from 328 Saturday night (with 96 on ventilators). And other 153 COVID patients has been in moderate condition and rest of the patients have shown mild symptoms

The Health Ministry additionally introduced there was a recent outbreak on the King Solomon nursing residence in Bnei Brak, which was found after a carer fell sick final week. Testing led to the invention of an additional eight residents who have been contaminated with the virus however have been asymptomatic.

The Covid-19 surge fastly in a nursing home all over the country after the height first wave of the pandemic and for a third of the national death toll at one stage has been responsible.

According to the latest report of Channel 13 that Health Minister decides that the quarantine period would be compulsory for those who have been recover from the virus will be probably changed to 14 days when they are examined if the result is negative, slightly than 14 days from the time the negative test outcomes are acquired. That is anticipated to shorten quarantine time for recovering sufferers. But There was no official announcement from the Health Minister on this matter


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