Laycon or Omah Lay? Who do you think is more worthy of winning the Headies next rated award?

The Headies Next Rated has become an issue of contention on social media, most especially Twitter as people argue over who is more deserving of the awards amongst Laycon or Omah Lay.

Icons, the fans of former Bbnaija housemate Laycon, believe that Laycon is more deserving.

Others believe that Omah Lay, is not just good with songs, lyrics and tunes, but he has also put in good effort and is more deserving. For lots of people, Omah Lay is more deserving of the award than Laycon, considering his hard work, his back to back hits, his fast achievements and lots more.

BBNaija 2020 winner, Laycon, is obviously well loved, preferred amongst other housemates, his fan base is strong too, and this has obviously helped his music career. His fans willingly accepted his songs.

This love is obviously why his fans believe that he his worthy of the Next Rated at the 2020 Headies Award.

It would also be remembered the reality star cum musician dropped his EP, Who is Laycon and it has earned a remarkable number of streams.

However, some people think it is rude to compare Laycon to Omah Lay, according to them Omah Lay is much more deserving. To them Omah Lay has put in the best amount of work into his songs and his back to back hits deserve an accolade.

Some people think that the love, fan base and fame that Laycon has comes from being a Bbnaija fan, while that of Omah Lay comes from his efforts.

Some people also stated that it is not a big deal if Laycon rose to fame because of Bbnaija, as people often become famous because of one thing or the other.

While some people think that it is best to give honour to whom it is due, who earned it and worked hard to retain it. Several people opined that Omah Lay gives the best music, beat and tune, but Laycon is just fortunate to be a Bbnaija housemate.

Below are some reactions from Twitter :

The Headies Award for Next Rated is always presented at The Headies. The Headies was founded in 2006 and initially dubbed the Hip Hop World Awards.

Aṣa was the first to receive this award in 2006. After being given the award plaque, recipients of the Next Rated honor would also receive a vehicle at a later date.

The Headies Next Rated award has been considered to be one of the most contentious categories at The Headies.


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