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Google has announced its intention to delete Google Play Music over a year ago and now it has officially implemented it. Google Play Music no longer functions and you might want to seek other options or opt for Youtube Music.

If you check the Android app, it is possible that all you will see is merely a white splash screen with a Play Music logo that switches into a YouTube Music one. Bold text also notifies you that Google Play Music is no longer accessible and explains that you can move your entire library to Youtube Music instead. Two icons are given below that, one is to begin the transfer procedure from Google Play Music to Youtube Music and another is just to regulate your data. The latter directs you to the Google Play Music site where you can download and delete your entire library, and also delete your recommendation history. After this, the app’s widget should vanish by itself from your homescreen if you had previously added it there.

At the moment, it does not appear to affect everyone yet, as some people are yet to notice this change on their own devices but it is gradually circulating to more and more users. Manually changing your phone date wouldn’t work either so do not bother with that.

The only thing that might work, if you are really interested in keeping your Google Play Music app is to uninstall the app updates and regress to an obsolete version of Google Play Music. You will also have to turn off automatic updates for it in the Play Store.

Google did not consider an easy way to manage your locally-stored data on your phone. Peradventure you have downloaded music for offline listening, you can no longer do that anywhere within the Google Play Music app now, and that data will nonetheless occupy the original space on your phone. So you have no choice than to either uninstall the app, and in case your device does not permit you to do that, you have to tap and hold on the app’s icon in the drawer, go to App Info, and then pick Storage. You should be able to clear the GPM’s cache and offline music here.

In case GPM was your local music player of choice, and you do not care much about streaming, you can also move to YouTube Music for that.


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