The Federal and State authorities have been urged to help recycling corporations with modern technology to fight waste which is inflicting flooding and different environmental challenges to the environments.

A Climatologist, Nuruddeen Bello, who observed that the amount of trash in Nigeria was astonishingly increasing, said in a statement, all arms have to be on the table to save lots of lives, aquatic animals, and living organisms towards the threat of air and water pollutions resulting from irrational human actions.

During an interactive session with the Global Youth Climate Action Initiative also known as Climate Action Group in Kaduna, Bello said, “All environmental NGOs and CSOs indulged volunteers should carry out more campaigns to rural areas and residents along with industrial areas to rescue them from hazardous chemicals they inhale daily in the area,”

The Director of a Non-Governmental Organization, African Climate Reporters, Bello said to a reporter, In the northern area of the country deforestation and soil erosions were on the increase particularly because of more demand for firewood, extraction of rocks for buildings and charcoal. As well as, he stated his group had organized annual scientific and local weather change convention for West African Journalists and scientists the place they had been educated on reporting local weather change, sciences, and basic ecology.

According to Bello. Edition of this year will be happening in Kaduna in August, but only journalists and scientists may take part in this edition because of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world.

Before, the Public Relations Officer of Climate Action Group, Kaduna office, Ismail Sani, expressed delight in meeting with African Climate Reporters for the very 1st time. Additionally, he said, his organization is a part of many activities like educating, enlightening, and acknowledging the public issues about climate change and tree planting campaigns in the state. “We carried out advocacy to agencies concerned for support in form of increasing more awareness to both rural and urban settlers across the all 23 Local Government Areas of the state.

As well as, he said women to reducing the no. of charcoals and fireworks because of reducing the number of death due to this. The 2 organizations on the finish of the assembly agreed to associate on sensitizing most people on well-being implications of environmental pollutions, local weather change, and methods to avert flooding.


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