Federal officials desire to deploy the same sources used in the eradication of poliovirus and Ebola to level the COVID-19 curve

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Nigeria will receive polio-free permanent certification from the World Welfare Organization (WHO) fair Africa regional certification fee, now that no case of wild poliovirus (WPV) has been reported before 3 years.

Government Secretary of the Nationwide Chief Healthcare Development Company (NPHCDA), Drs. Faizal Shueb, who said this while the distribution of 456 bikes and 456 laptops by the company to low-performing country councils for regular vaccinations, yesterday, in Abuja, called regular vaccinations. Nigeria has doubled from 30 %to 70.8 %

Also, he adds on, 

“In this country, we follow the same polio assets to eradicate Ebola and with the work being done by the officials and the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), now, we use the same assets to flatten the curve of COVID-19 outbreak. We have seen an unprecedented improvement in routine vaccination protection, which has doubled within a brief interval.

Also, We’re donating the bikes to frontline employees to make sure that they’ve logistics to get to the final miles, whereas laptops will present direct entry to credible and dependable knowledge.

“Three years in the past, once we declared an emergency over low routine immunization protections, we assumed that it might take longer than rhetoric to ensure that we achieve our objective of guaranteeing that no one in Nigeria is behind Do not remain Vaccines should develop them into the best and productive adults within society … ”

Minister of Health, Dr. Osagi Ehnaire stated that one of the main problems under the COVID-19 health workforce is an infection, which has reduced attainable manpower.” add on and said,

including that NPHCDA in collaboration with improvement companions has carried out coaching of over 200,000 health employees to allow them to make their work atmosphere secure, a key tenet in outbreak administration, together with different actions geared toward resisting damaging COVID-19 results.


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