The U.S. hitting the most no. of confirmed cases compared all over the world with more than 5 million cases on Sunday,  Europe has been met with astonishment and alarm to prevent the failure of the most powerful nation in the world.

Probably somewhere outside the US, the US has a banging virus response with greater inhibition than Italy, which was nothing for Europe’s epidemic. Italian had not been a piece of knowledge about the COVID-19 virus when the outbreak exploded in February, and the country still has the highest government death toll in the world at over 35,000.

However after a whole 10-week lockdown and imposed strict rules to wear a mask and follow social distancing, Italy became a role model of this virus containment.

A lot of the unreliability in Europe stems from the truth that the US had the time benefit, and  European expertise and medical know-how to deal with the virus that the continent didn’t have when the primary COVID-19 sufferers stuffed intensive care items had began

For greater than 4 months to had this outbreak and the U.S cross the mark of 5 Million. But, the officials have stated that this no. is not the correct because of limitations of testing according to Johns Hopkins University somewhere the real number is perhaps 10 times greater or closer to 50 million.

Political resistance to the mask and its growing caseload has prevented American tourists and visitors from other countries from European countries to travel to the bloc independently, with the world’s highest death toll of over 160,000. France and Germany are now conducting tests on the arrival of passengers from “at-risk” countries, including.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said last week, “I know very well that this is a hindrance to personal freedom, but I believe it is a reasonable intervention.”

Somewhere mistaken were done by Europe to not imposing lockdown in the correct time and insufficient safety for a nursing home, significant lack of tests, and protective equipment for the elderly and medical personnel.

In the US, there are about 54,000 new cases each day an excessive number taking into account the country’s large population, and cases have been specifically from 20 states,  and deaths are climbing in most.

Conversely, Europe appears to be somewhat under control virus, at least for now.

If medical professionals were allowed to operate in the states, you would definitely get to go to a point of getting on hold with this back in March,” Scott Lucas, international studies at the University of Birmingham, England The professor said.


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