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The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service has alleged that some #ENDSARS protesters in Lagos state smashed one of their emergency vehicles.

The company recognized it in a press release on Wednesday titled #EndSARS: Protesters Hurt Lagos Fireplace Engine Truck ‘.

The head of the company, Mrs. Margaret Adeseye, said that the incident took place at the state’s Ikeja location in Alusa on Tuesday.

She expressed dissatisfaction over the “uncomplicated attack on trucks used each day to help and help Lagosians in emergency situations”.

She stated that the ‘stove engine truck, was on its approach from Opebi Salvation Street, it was deployed to take out a chimney within the morning, the route at a different emergency name at 10, Thomas Adeboye Avenue in Ojodu, Olowoir, Before it was attacked by several protesters.

‘The name of the distress for Olevoira was received at around 12.08 a.m. and the Alusa fireplace truck was on-the-scene from Opebi, the location where it ended just before an operation while being attacked by some protesters Was and was broken. ‘

However, claiming that the fire engine truck was nevertheless able to be involved in the incidents in Olowoira, regardless of the attack and injury by the protesters, Adeseye suggested to Lagosians that ‘for this reason destroy the property of the officer’s state that the price will eventually be borne by the taxpayers ‘.


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