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Author JK Rowling revealed that the money earned from her new children’s book, The Ickabog, will be donated to the people the coronavirus outbreak has affected the most.

The author shared In a tweet today, showing a picture of a copy of the book saying: ‘My royalties will be donated to medical and frontline charities supporting those worst affected by Covid-19.’

The Ickabog is JK Rowling’s first children’s book since the harry potter series was published, the new book will be available for buying on November 10.

The Ickabog is a children’s fairytale book that is set in an imaginary world unlike the Harry potter world. The book was made free for children in online installments during the lockdown.

Author JK Rowling wrote that she had written the book nearly ten years ago but kept the manuscript in a box inside her attic and continued to write adult novels.
She continued that she had the idea of making it available for children to read online for free during the pandemic. “The first two readers were touchingly enthusiastic,” she said.

The author sighted that the book is “a story about truth and the abuse of power.”
She said the book “isn’t intended to be read as a response to anything that’s happening in the world right now.”

Some of her young fans sent pictures for an illustration competition and she gave thanks to them. The drawings of the winners were published in the novel saying: “You reminded me just how much I love writing for young people.”

The last children’s book she published in 2007 – Harry potter and the Deathly hallows- was recognize as the fastest-selling book, selling more than 15 million copies worldwide the first day it was released. Now there are over 500 million copies of Harry potter books sold worldwide.

Since the Harry Potter series started in 1997, there have been over 500 million copies of Harry Potter books sold worldwide.

Rowling has said the physical copy of The Ickabog will be released on November 10.

JK Rowling net worth by The Sunday Times Rich was estimated to be £700 million in 2018. The multi-millionaire was removed from the Forbes billionaires list in 2012 due to some factors, which comprises of the estimated £122 million she donated to charity.

The author was previously attacked on social media due her outspoken views on matters concerning transgenders .

The author was bitter attacked by transgender activists which was followed by the publication of her latest novel, Troubled Blood, which was under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The book was based on a “transvestite serial killer”, which instigated furious remarks online the day before the book was released last month.

The abuses on the internet made the hashtag #RIPJKRowling to trend on Twitter, which declared her dead.

In response to these abuses, over 50 famous literary figures signed letter in support of JK Rowling saying she has fallen victim of ‘an insidious, authoritarian and misogynistic trend in social media’.

Despite the online abuses, Troubled Blood sold 64,633 copies in five days , this sale nearly doubled the sales of the book that came before it.


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