The Impact on Coronavirus on Australia is on the peak there are more than 15,304 K  positive cases and more than 9,431 K has been death. Talking about all over India 16.66 million reported cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection and over 659,000 deaths due to COVID-19 disease around the world.

Many countries all over the world are taking different types of precautions to break the chain of lockdown and one of action that many Govt apply to their countries which is lockdowns and a ban on public gatherings forcing people to stay at home and distance socially.

According to the Australian study revealed that due to lockdown and ban the public gathering gave a deep impact on many people’s mental health both in the short and long term is not known. They wrote that there are not any printed findings on the influence of the pandemic on the psychological well being of the “basic group.”

The researcher team is conducting an online survey to found out the impact of the infection outbreak on mental health They got self-report questionnaires that checked out behavioral responses and fears related to COVID-19. In this study, researchers found that one-third of the respondents have been “very or extraordinarily involved in an outbreak.” Their perceived threat of getting COVID-19 infected was as excessive as 70 percent. Additionally, 61 percent had felt they might get average to extreme signs of an infection.

Those who earlier going through with any diagnosis and mental health and a much higher level of anxiety from others. Also, some of the other factors that raised anxiety about health and psychological distress were, Different gender identity or non-binary gender, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, those who were carers or stay at home parents.

According to Newby who is a lead researcher,  “We wanted to provide a snapshot of the mental health of the general community during the COVID-19 pandemic all over the country and look into the impact of the enforcement of social distancing laws, in Australia… We do not know what the long-term impacts of the pandemic will be, but these figures certainly show a very negative impact on mental health in the short-term in Australian people.”

Newby as well as said, These with a previous historical past of mental health issues are additional weak. Additionally, they referred to as for long run research to see the long-run threat elements of poor mental health outcomes because of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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