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Frequently consuming particular cheeses, sheep yogurt, sausage and steak discovered to stimulate antibodies that induce cancer.
In order to lower the risk of cancer, you have to lessen steak consumption.

Researchers from Israel, France, Italy and the United States have discovered a straightforward molecular connection between meat and dairy diets and the advancement of antibodies in the blood that heighten the risk of cancer.

This link may clarify the high incidence of cancer in people who eat large proportions of dairy products and red meat, identical to the connection between high cholesterol and heart disease.

The study was directed by Vered Padler-Karavani of the Department of Cell Research and Immunology at the Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research at Tel Aviv University. The results were released in the journal BMC Medicine.

The researchers studied Neu5Gc, a sugar molecule found in mammalian tissues (not in poultry or fish). Kids grow antibodies to Neu5Gc when they are exposed to dairy and meat products. It is already realized that these antibodies heighten cancer risk, particularly colorectal cancer.

To uncover the direct link, the researchers used instances from a comprehensive national nutritional survey carried out in France. Salam Bashir, a PhD student in Padler-Karavani’s lab, and other team members assessed Neu5Gc in a diversity of dairy and meat foods common in the French diet. They evaluated the everyday Neu5Gc intake of 19,621 adults who noted all their food intake online for a duration of several days.

The team therefore took a representative sample of 120 partakers, who delivered an average of 21 non-consecutive 24-hour dietary records and indicated an elevated or low intake of the Neu5Gc sugar, then assessed the levels of the anti-Neu5Gc antibodies in their blood.

Founded on these results and the quantification of Neu5Gc sugar in several French food products, Padler-Karavani and her team developed a Gcemic index ranking foods whose unnecessary consumption can cause heightened antibodies – and therefore, possibly also to heightened risk of cancers such as colorectal and breast cancer.

Just as mozzarella and cow’s milk, for instance, rate low on the Gcemic index, Roquefort and sheep feta cheese as well as sheep yogurt have elevated amounts of Neu5Gc sugar per gram, followed by sausage and steak. The researchers reported that men ate more Neu5Gc than did women, mostly from red meat.

“We found a significant correlation between high consumption of Neu5Gc from red meat and cheeses and increased development of those antibodies that heighten the risk of cancer,” said Padler-Karavani.

“For years, there have been efforts to find such a connection, but no one did. Here, for the first time, we were able to find a molecular link thanks to the accuracy of the methods used to measure the antibodies in the blood and the detailed data from the French diet questionnaires.”

She urges restraint in eating red meat and cheese in order to be on a safe side.


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