The Chinese region’s government of inner Mongolia has sealed off a whole village due to one resident who got affected by the bubonic plague which is a centuries-old disease responsible for the deadliest epidemic in human history.

The Baotou Municipal Health Commission stated in a statement on its website, On Sunday, a dead patient was reported by health officials in Baotou city and the patient was recognized with a bubonic plague patient on Thursday.

According to the statement, The real reason for patient dead is the failure of the circulatory system, however, it did not identify how the patient had caught the plague.

The prevent the spike of disease, the officials have sealed off the Suji Xincun village, where the infected person was dead and ordered daily disinfection of homes. All the villagers who live there have tested negative for the disease so far, mentioned in a statement.

The commission said a total of 9 people who had close contact with the patient and 26 secondary contacts have been quarantined and tested negative.

The Damao Banner which is a district where the village is located as it’s on level 3 high alert because of plague prevention the second-lowest in a four-level system, until the end of the year.

According to the authorities this the second case of bubonic plague in China the last case was found out in Bayannur in July, which is another city in Inner Mongolia, tending to issue as other Level 3 alert and the locked up the many tourist places.

Plague brought on by micro organism and easily transmitted via flea bites and animals those are infected, killed almost 50 million peoples in Europe while the  Black Death pandemic in the Middle Ages.

Bubonic plague who is one of the 3 forms causes painful, swollen lymph nodes, as well as fever, chills, and coughing.

The arrival of antibiotics, which may deal with most infections if they’re caught early enough, has helped stop an outbreak of plague, preventing the kind of fast spread in Europe within the Middle Ages.

However, unfortunately, it has not been ruined completely — and sadly it has made his comeback again leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to categorize it as a re-emerging illness.


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