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The report claimed that the difficulty and consumption of drugs prompted the latest outbreak of popular Nollywood actress Chacha AK.

This is coming after taking the popular Nolly Wood actress to cry about her marriage on social media.

The mother of three born in Ebonyi State shared a video on her Instagram handle, which reveals that she married her 7-year-old budding director, Austin Faani, without interruption and needs to move on.

The coach’s brother, Aik Eke, later said on social media that his marriage would not result in domestic violence after information such as wildfire. In addition, he had a video of himself lying in a hospital mattress, claiming that he had been identified with a disorder.

Many Nigerians rubbished the announcement, calling her a liar, and asking her husband out to be the mastermind behind the video.

In addition, Aik Eke took to her Instagram web page to blast her husband, Austin, claiming that he forced Chacha to do a video aimed at protecting his identity.

Kemi Filani News has alleged that the outbreak of Chacha AK was the result of the alleged consumption of the drug. The couple has a supply allegation that the actress was launched by the husband for taking weed and different drugs and breaks down if not “excessive” at any time which is allegedly the cause of her outbreak.

The spare supplies alleged that the couple broke up as a result of their new lifestyle and that the Chacha who is like the breadwinner of the house could no longer take it.

‘Who doesn’t know Chacha’s weed and drug story in Abba? She should be taken to rehab because she is now in a very dangerous situation. The couple is currently in so much debt that much cash is believed to have gone into their lifestyle. Huh.

‘He is currently “treated” by Austin’s physician good friend but believe me, he should be in a rehab center. Apparently, she gets angry at any time she is not excessive on medication and tolerates her reality in such moments’.

‘I think she was not very much here on SM that day to tell the world what she is doing. He launched her for this, so his brother sent him to try him out. Even the householders know ‘


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