Thursday, November 26, 2020


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Oppo A93 coming to Nigeria soon

PO Mobile has announced the launching of their newest A-series smartphone, OPPO A93 in Nigeria. OPPO F17 Pro which is currently known in India and some parts of Europe, is an...

Scientists make wood as transparent but stronger than glass

A tree, native to south and central America, which is called the balsa tree, has been innovated to form ‘transparent wood’ that could conveniently replace glass in windows. Scientists have...

Here is how to keep your WhatsApp chats end-to-end encrypted

There have been a lot of controversies about the privacy of users that are using messaging applications like WhatsApp. And due to the chats that were leaked in the past, this...

Scientists To Survey Wastewater For Covid-19

A story published by RNZ reveals that a Geneticist called Neil Gemmell has called for a system to test wastewater in order to find possible clusters of COVID-19 and possible carriers...

Specifications and Features of Infinix Hot 10

The smartphone Infinix Hot 10 was announced for launching on October 4 via the company's website. Infinix is living up to the expectations of people. The smartphone company mainly concentrates...

Scientists link bacteria to post-infectious hydrocephalus

Scientists have discovered a bacteria that is linked to a childhood disorder worldwide. The scientists have found the bacteria linked to post-infectious hydrocephalus (PIH), the most popular cause of pediatric hydrocephalus...

Whatsapp for Android to Receive Important Updates

The WhatsApp messenger is generally known for its slow improvement, despite it's popularity. The WhatsApp messenger's main competitor Telegram is constantly achieving modern characteristics without forfeiting its initial lightness, while WhatsApp...

Apple Watch Heart Monitor Leads to Undue Hospital Visits

A new study published this weeks revealed that Apple watch heart monitor feature leads to needless health care visits. Just about 10 percent of people who visited the Mayo Clinic to...

Blood Clot Stimulating Injection Can Save Accident Victims

Tranexamic acid, a drug which can be administered as an intramuscular injection has been proven to be capable of reducing traumatic injury death rates by up to a third by experts...

Bubbles Maintain Social Distancing in New York Restaurant

A restaurant, Café du Soleil in New York uses plastic bubbles to maintain social distancing. The French restaurant located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has erected plastic bubbles on its sidewalk to...


The Researcher Discovered a New Plastic That is ‘Infinitely’ Recyclable

Researchers have found a new type of plastic, which is not consistently plastic-like, can decompose in a way that is more eco-friendly and obvious,...