Thursday, November 26, 2020
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New mosasaur species found in Morocco

Paleontologists have discovered a vicious dinosaur with a crocodile-like snout that threatened inland seas over 60 million years ago. Gavialimimus almaghribensis, a new species of mosasaur, was documented and tagged by an...

24 planets with better conditions than earth discovered

According to a research led by Washington State University, a total number of 24 "superhabitable" planets may be more suitable to live on than Earth, the research claims these planets have...

Safety panel bothered about NASA plans to test Moon mission software

Serious questions were raised by the independent panel that assesses the safety of NASA activities, concerning NASA's plan to test flight software for NASA's missions to the Moon. Former NASA Flight...

Scientists Estimate The Amount Of Matter In The Universe

Measuring the amount of matters that makes up the whole universe can be hard. The only known fact is that almost all the universe’s matter-energy density comprises of three forces....

Venus Might Not Be Habitable Because Of Jupiter

Venus might not be habitable because Jupiter altered its orbit. Venus used to be similar to Earth, and if Jupiter hadn't changed its orbit around the sun, it might have been habitable,...

Orionid meteor shower to blaze the sky this month

The Orionid meteor shower is set to blaze the sky with hundreds of beautiful comets in this month. The Orionid meteor shower occurs when Earth passes through stream of residue from...

Super-enzymes employed to break down plastics for recycling

British and American researchers reveal a new super-enzyme that accelerates the break down of plastic. This provides a step forward in discovering a new form of recycling that is prompt, more...

Two Glaciers in Antarctica Fracturing Faster

Satellite imagery shows two of the fastest-changing glaciers in Antarctica fracturing than ever. The first step towards the glaciers collapsing and resulting in rise in sea levels. With the aid of studies...

Meteoroid Skims Earth Atmosphere 56 Miles in Altitude

A meteoroid was seen skimming Earth’s atmosphere 56 miles in altitude for a few seconds above Germany and the Netherlands before returning to space. A luminous cosmic object was seen streaking across...

See how scientists put ideas in people’s head in their sleep

Scientists in the US have set up a technique to put ideas in people’s heads in their sleep to make them have bizarre, abstract dreams using targeted dream incubation (TDI). The experts...


Coronavirus Could Travel via Bathrooms and Toilets

According to the research of Journal Environment International, the novel COVID-19 virus might spread via the buildings or toilet or drainpipes. The virus was detected...