Thursday, November 26, 2020
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SpaceX 1st trip to Mars could launch in 4 years – Elon Musk

SpaceX is nearly ready to begin erecting a permanent human territory on Mars with its large Starship rocket. The private spaceflight company moving to launch its initial uncrewed mission to Mars in...

Climatic change responsible for early humans extinction

Climatic change might be the reason for the extinction of the early humans. Out of the six or more various species of early humans, under the genus Homo, only we Homo sapiens...

NASA translates telescope data to music

NASA has created musical sensations from our galaxy with a method called sonification – the technique of translating data into sound. The project translates X-ray, apparent and infrared light data –...

James Webb Space Telescope To Reveal Hidden Galaxies

Two new researches from the University of Melbourne will enable the biggest, most powerful and complex space telescope ever invented to reveal galaxies that were hidden. The articles are published in The...

6.4M years old monkey fossils discovered in China

6.4 million year old fossils have been discovered in China. The small fossil discovered were said to have belonged to a monkey. The residues were discovered at a southeastern Yunan Province mine....

Star shredded into gas as it was devoured by huge black hole

A moment has been captured as a burst of light from a close star falls into a very huge black hole — after it was shredded in a process called ‘spaghettification’. The...

Elon Musk’s satellite internet project ready for public use

Elon Musk’s objective to deliver high-speed satellite Internet to remote areas of the Earth using satellites orbiting in space is getting closer to reality. The CEO has revealed that the satellite...

Newly discovered asteroid revealed as rocket

A new fact has been revealed of a newly discovered “asteroid” that’s anticipated to get drawn to Earth’s gravity and become a mini moon next month. Rather than a cosmic rock, the...

Universal law of touch brings virtual reality objects closer

British Scientists have discovered that Star Trek’s holodeck, which allows people to interact physically with a virtual world is feasible thanks to the "universal law of touch." Scientists from...

SpaceX to buy residents in Texas village for rocket launch

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has made up their minds to buy the remaining residents of the Boca Chica village. Musk plans on using the land to build a private resort to launch...


Adeboye: Buhari under fire for opposing reorganization of Nigeria

The Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum (SMBLF) has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari's opposition to the reorganization of Nigeria. In an announcement on Monday, the...