Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Asteroid ‘God of chaos’ gains speed on its journey to Earth

An asteroid dubbed 'God of Chaos' gains speed on its journey towards Earth and could hit our planet in 48 years, experts caution. Astronomers at the University of Hawai’i ascertained the vast...

NASA’s Nuclear Engine To Carry People To Mars In 3 Months

NASA intended to send it's first human crew to Mars in 2030. But there is a new invention that can bring this plan to pass faster. It would make the over...

Samples from asteroid Bennu overflows NASA spacecraft

NASA has succeeded in it's touch and go mission to grab samples from asteroid Bennu. It was reported earlier that NASA was preparing for a touch and go mission to the space...

Image Of Red Palm Weevil Wins Lumina Bugs Award

An incredible close up image of a red palm weevil appearing prepared for a boxing match was the top winner at the first Lumina Bug Photography Awards competition, that spotlighted dozens...

Unique organ in snakes’ nose helps them hunt in the night

Some snakes are capable of attacking their preys with a fatal force and drastic accuracy even in the dead of night when most animals are blind because of the darkness. This...

Battery-powered face mask invented to kill coronavirus

Battery-powered face mask with a copper mesh heated to 194°F to kill coronavirus in the air has been invented by Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists. Instead of sifting them out, an electric...

The First Star To Send Fast Radio Bursts Is Sending It Again

The first star to send fast radio bursts from inside the Milky Way is sending it again. The star, Magnetar SGR 1935+2154, emitted the fast radio burst in April and has...

Geologists recover controversial missing tectonic plate

Geologists recover controversial missing tectonic plate that some assumed never existed. The presence of a tectonic plate dubbed Resurrection has been a topic of controversy among geologists for a very long time,...

Volcanic eruption in Siberia caused the biggest extinction

The massive mass extinction incident in Earth’s history was caused by a volcanic eruption in Siberia that poured out carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, scientists explain. The Permian–Triassic extinction incident,...

U.S to collect asteroid samples for return to Earth

After about two years spiraling an old asteroid hundreds of millions of miles away, a NASA spacecraft this week will try to go to the boulder-packed surface and collect a handful...


In Brazil Health Officials Volunteer Himself For COVID-19 Vaccines

Brazil is the second-highest country where most of the people are infected from Coronavirus after the United States and India and still increasing day...