Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Covid-19 symptoms prolonged in pregnant women

A national study led by UC San Francisco and UCLA has revealed that COVID-19 symptoms in pregnant women can be prolonged. The report says that the symptoms can last up to...

Intubation Poses Less Risk of Covid-19 Transmission

According to a new research published on Tuesday, removing or inserting breathing tubes from patients, which were thought could cause severe risk of Covid-19 transmission to health workers, was revealed to...

Global Fund and Chevron Partner Against HIV, TB and Malaria

The Global Fund and Chevron Corporation commemorated a 12-year partnership, celebrating the contribution of the private sector to the fight against infectious diseases and to the building of a resilient health...

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Severe Covid-19 Cases

A new paper by Irish and UK scientists has revealed that people have “nothing to lose”, and much to gain, by taking vitamin D supplements as protection during the Covid-19...

Health Benefits of Mushroom as Super-foods

A dietitian gives insight into the six incredible nourishing advantages of eating mushrooms including reasons why the fungus should be heralded as a superfood. Jemma O'Hanlon announced that not only...

Rapeseed as an alternative for Soybean

German researchers examined the effect of rapeseed on metabolism. It was discovered to be as beneficial as soy, and it also left diners feeling satisfied for much longer. Foods that are meat-less ...

Global alliance to ensure the fair share of covid-19 vaccine

African countries feel less privileged as other countries strive to get the coronavirus vaccine. Globally, the covid-19 vaccine is being anticipated to be market ready. The World Health Organization reports 191...

Ignorance Contributes To The Spread Of Tuberculosis

Ignorance contributes to the spread of tuberculosis in Nigeria. This was revealed by the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program. The futility in the fight against TB in Nigeria was blamed on...

Cancer patients mostly affected by COVID-19 – Gov’s wife

Cancer patients are mostly affected by covid-19. The pandemic has taken a heavier toll on breast, cervical and prostrate cancer patients- Kebbi State Governor's wife. Cancer cases and mortality are increasing and...

Kebbi Govt Vaccinate 17,200 Dogs on World Rabies Day

On the day commemorated for World Rabies Day, the Kebbi State govt vaccinated 17,200 dogs. The dogs vaccinated were 43 percent of the total amount of dogs in Kebbi. This is to...


Virtual reality software makes it possible to walk in cell

Scientists create a virtual reality software that makes it possible to 'walk' inside and assess individual cells. This would make it possible to comprehend...