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After series of authorized teasers, unofficial leaked images, and innumerable spy images, the BMW M3 Sedan is here.

Some BMW lovers have already rejected and condemned the newly released car due to the front end styling.

However, the M3 modifies the style of its predecessor in all aspects (including grille size), probably setting it close to the top of the performance sedan pantheon.

Not falling short of anticipations, the M3 acquires the exact front end as that of the M4, which initially debuted on the most recent 4 Series Coupe.

BMW lovers who rejected the big kidney grilles on the 7 Series and X7 will have the same impression about this new front end. However, that is not the dead end, it is possible that the rest of the car’s design will make them fall in love. And besides, there is an European front license plate that amazingly conceal the grille’s size.

Just like the grille, the other parts of the M3 is more fierce than ever before. It has big scoops and creases, car-inspired vast side sills, flared wheel arches, a lip spoiler, and enormous quad exhaust pipes.

Regular M3 models moves on huge staggered wheels, 18-inches upfront, and 19-inches at the rear, with Competition models acquiring even larger 19- and 20-inchers. Numerous bold colours are available, including the launch color, Isle of Man Green Metallic.

BMW used the base 3 Series and put in the usual M bits for the M3 Sedan. There’s a varied steering wheel with red M1 and M2 buttons, a modern shifter with encompassing M drive mode controls, and more improved M sport seats that are attainable with ventilation for the first time.

BMW also delivers more fierce M Carbon bucket seats (pictured on the M4), saving 21 pounds in relation to the base chairs. This design enables drivers to put in multi-point seat belts on track days, and they are available in a variety of black, teal, and neon.

Just as expected, the M3 uses the S58 twin-turbo inline-six engine from the X3 M and X4 M. In the M3, it generates 473 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, an improvement of 48 hp over the outgoing model. The M3 Competition increases the power even more with 503 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque.

BMW lovers who purchase the M3 core model will row their own kits with a six-speed manual transmission delivering power to the back wheels only. Competition models acquire an eight-speed automatic, delivering the grunt to an M xDrive system. The all-wheel-drive system features an Active M differential, which can sabotage the power to the front wheels, stimulating a RWD mode for smokey burnouts.


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