The co-founder of Microsoft and world second richest person Bill Gates, finally talking about the conspiracy theories which is flowing on social media that he is planning to implant microchips in people through Covid-19 vaccine.

Bill Gates told in a statement that “he wants the truth to reach people and hoped the fake news “dies down”.

In May, Bill Gates accuse by the reports of planning one thing so outlandish was fuelled by an outburst from the top of Russian Communist Party.  In a column, Gennady Zyuganov said that plan of mandatory vaccination plan is a  “ploy by so-called globalists to implant chip may in every single people to monitor their each and every movement

He said, he also seeks to the Coronavirus pandemic across the world comes to an end and expect that these false theories about them die down and people get real fact soon. A foundation which is led by Bill Gates and his wife ‘Melinda’ working out to discover a COVID-19 soon. The foundation had revealed in an announcement that it is donating the US $100 million to vaccine research and treatment efforts in February.

In the meantime, backed by Gates,  GSK and CureVac, are work on creating as much as 5 so-called mRNA-based vaccines and monoclonal antibodies for infectious illnesses. mRNA vaccines use ribonucleic acid (RNA), a chemical messenger that example an immune response when injected by instructing cells to make proteins that mimic pathogens.

The same approach has also been followed in experimental Coronavirus vaccines by BioNTech and partner Pfizer and Moderna, is yet to be approved in any therapy. Also, according to the recent reports, Google had said that it would prohibit all apps and website that related to working advertising technology from running ads on “dangerous content” that goes towards scientific consensus in the course of the coronavirus pandemic. It is not allowed to making money from this kind of content from ads include debunked conspiracy theories such because the notion that the novel coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab as a bioweapon, that it was created by Microsoft founder Bill Gates or that the virus is a hoax, Google stated.


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