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Upon being taken out of the house of elder brother Naija, Vee has given the motive that he will not associate with Tolanbaj to be out of the house.

Vee, who was one of several finalists, thought of Tollanibaj as his sister in the house, however, had disagreements over a revelation that Tolenbiz favored her love curiosity, Neo.

Recall that Erica had revealed that Tolanibaj was in favor of Neo.

This caused tension in the house as Vee mentioned that she was angry that Tolanibaj would need to steal her man.

However, after her expulsion, Vee told Ebuka on Monday that she was eager to apologize to Tolanbaj for all of the specifics regarding the situation.

She blamed miscommunication ‘for his rift with Tolnibaj.

However, while speaking on Friday, Wei requested that he not befriend friendships outside the house, saying, “In all honesty, it could almost certainly be Tollanib.”

Vee noted in his media visits, “I really feel that way in common with everyone, I’m not a citizen who likes me or not. If one thing ever comes up and we have to work collectively, I have to do it, so it is best for us to be civilized.

‘One factor by which I stand all the time is Drive Friendship is not known, which is why I only had colleagues in the house banned.’

‘I don’t like to drive issues, seeing how the affairs of the entire state have gone from home and the issues I’ve heard and seen, I think a friendship with Tolanibaj will work, so sure. Do that we can be citizens. ‘


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