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Evicted Big brother Naija housemate, Ozo. Revealed why he ignored his love curiosity in the last Saturday night time celebration at home.

Ozo. Throughout his media rounds, it has been mentioned that every housemate has been instructed not to go to the finals nor insecticide.

This, he mentioned, was to stay away from indicating who would win the grand prize for 5 awards.

I remember Nengi being barred from dating Ozo for having a boyfriend outside the house.

Remind that Nengi mentioned his friendship with Ozo on Saturday. He ended up as a result of ignoring her on the last night time celebration.

Reacting, Ozo. It is mentioned, ‘I did not ignore him at all. It was a directive, for all of us who left here, we have all been instructed not to go to the housewives.

‘We have been instructed not to drink pesticides at the festival, so I enjoyed it as per the rules.

‘I felt so bad seeing her cry, so I couldn’t wait for the day after that so I could tell her it was a directive and I used to play by the rules.’

He additionally added that Nengi is a lovely, nice, and truly loyal person.

In staying with him, ‘We will be faithful all the time, be close to each other, and be near each other again all the time.’


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