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On the basis of the strike, the federal government had to strain to retreat abruptly and unfairly, which drove the residents from pain and undue hardship to the very poor.

The Organized labour in the State of Bayelsa has requested members to stop their counterparts in a nationwide indefinite industrial action on the insensitivity of Nigerian authorities to elevate the price of pumps and petrol and electric energy tariffs on Monday, 28 September.

Comrade John Bipre Nadomu, President of the Nigeria Labor Congress within the state, and his Trade Union Congress counterpart, Comrade Julius Ley, in an announcement read their readiness to go on a nationwide strike to force Nigerian officials to reverse the current increase. Disclosed. Worth electric power tariff and petrol pump.

The strike, according to him, was to pressurize the federal government to withdraw suddenly and unfairly, which prompted suffering and undue hardship to residents, particularly to the very poor.

Organized Labor said in an announcement, “The date of the strike will begin on the Monday, September 2020, with a protest match for peace and aid. It will be up at 7:00 am from Akeki Park and end at the Peace Park.

“We name all employees who are on an indefinite strike with merchants, transporters, and civil society allies within the non-public and public sectors when federal officials value petrol and electric energy.” Prevent growth. Tariffs. “


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