Sony and Microsoft are there in the last stage of PS5 and Xbox Series X marketing ahead of the holiday 2020 launch window for the next-gen consoles. Both companies controlled its console reveal differently against the backdrop of the novel COVID-19 crisis. This pandemic allows or forced both the company to cancel out their gathering event for the PS5 and Xbox and now each company shifted to the launch of its new devices event to online or virtually to revealing they’re an upcoming console.

According to sources, we know that how both the consoles look like and what spec, features and price they have, Sony and Microsoft have not been revealed yet about the PS5 and Series X secrets.

Yet we have not knowledge about the new user interface and brand new software feature coming to the two console. However, For a user who eagerly waiting and beloved PS5 and Series X and want to when it would be released and what price. So, here it is the latest news leak suggests Sony would possibly quickly unveil the PS5 availability particulars and inform us when preorders kick-off.

The PS5 leaker which know as the name of  IronManPS5. Several details have been posted by the new PlayStation online from the past two-three weeks. During Sony’s last PlayStation online event PS5 design was also revealed a number of weeks forward of the date Iron Man offered. He was then incorrect in regards to the date of PS5 preorders, which didn’t begin a number of weeks in the past as he had claimed could be the case.

After a non-respond of some period, a leaker is again back with some new information on Twitter. According to the leaked person, Sony would be holding an event on August 6th. Later on, the Friday evening, the leaker showed up with screenshots taken from 4chan were someone told that the next Sony State of Play event should take place on August 10th.

Sony had recently commented that they will never start PS5 preorders without a proper announcement. Meanwhile, they said, PS5 cost would be unrevealed within upcoming weeks.

We are not sure that this rumour it’s true or false, but it is confirmed that Microsoft does have an Xbox series X event scheduled for August. Also, the company plans to speak in regards to the Series X backward compatibility. Microsoft can be anticipated to unveil the cheaper Xbox Series S console on the upcoming event. We are not sure about which date Microsoft holds an event also not sure whether they will announce any details about the new consoles. But according to the previous rumour, we say that Microsoft has been waiting for the PS5 price-related information prior to revealing how much the new Xbox will cost.


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