It is believed that Apple has made substantial modifications to the principles to keep the objectives in its branded digital content retailer App Retailer. Now, for minor breaches, updates will not be blocked for purposes, and developers will have the ability to appeal to Apple’s options and even suggest modifications to the platform rules.

It is worth noting that while stress-free rules will have no effect on the remedial process, developers will still have to fix to adjust to the platform’s policy. However, minor violations are no longer being punished by blocking updates, as it was before.

Developers who disagree with any Apple decision relating to App Store violations will have the ability to appeal. As well as, developers can now suggest their modifications to the overall platform guidelines.

Even though the modifications were rolled back in June, they have come into force ever since the scandal involving the removal of Favorite Sports Fortnite from the App Store and the account of its developer, Epic Video Games. This is when builders add their own costs to purchase Fortnite’s mechanism, which allows customers to purchase content without paying Apple’s 30% service fee.

Despite the modifications made, the App Store platform is unlikely to undergo significant modifications. This is due to the fact that Apple will proceed independently to decide which violations are important and which are not, and will also take into consideration appeals and proposals from developers.

However, the situation might change if many developers express their dissatisfaction with the corporate’s policy regarding the cost mechanism with a fee of 30%.


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