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Would you like to don this apple airpod new designs?

The new apple airpod as the leaked image shows is a different product from the current AirPods range. Unlike the tiny white in-ear designs, this is a larger and over-the-head design.

The ‘Studio’ cans do not just come with a large, oval ear cups, but they also seem to have a black finish rather than the usual white colour. This is very different from the current designs and we might actually have to kiss the universal tiny, white design of the in-ear models goodbye for good.

Probably Sport variant of Apples headphones

Personally not impressed, looks too much like 2 Palm Pre's attached to 2 tuning forks :/ hard to unsee

Looks a lot like what @markgurman described in April, but with homepod mesh

— Fudge (@choco_bit) September 16, 2020


The leaked image might be proof to certain rumours that the headphones will come with retro aesthetic and have a large swivelling ear cups connected by thin metal arms. The headphones have also been reported to be customisable, this enables the users to change the ear pads whenever they wish to. The above leaker Fudge asserts that the photo portrays a ‘Sport’ variant, which was manufactured from more breathable materials than a supposed leather version.

Another leaker shared 3D images of the AirPods Studio.

AirPods Studio
(codename: B515)

– High quality leather / metal
– Magnetic ear cups
– Reversible – detects R/L ear
– No headphone jack
– USBC port

These are the renders we were making in order to protect the source.

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) September 16, 2020


More images 👇

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) September 16, 2020


These give a quite extensive glance at the design. This airpod with premium-looking metal is obviously larger and heavier than Apple’s current AirPods.

It is expected that this headphones come with a super-fast H1 chip, and a similar Active Noise Cancellation and auto-pause/resume as the AirPods Pro.

At moment, there is no clue about what the sound is like. The only way is to wait till Apple releases this new design. However, much is expected from Apple’s new design. This new design is expected to feature better sounds than the current AirPods Pro.

There is no news yet on when Apple intends to announce the AirPods Studio. It is speculated that it would be announced alongside iphone 12. Apple has disclosed that iphone 12 will hit the market a few weeks later than the scheduled September date.


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