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Transport officials of a convoy of Borno State authorities were attacked on Friday close to the town of Monguno.

While officials have told Baiga about their strategy, Governor Babagana Zulu was anticipated to return internally displaced persons.

No fewer than 11 security officers have been killed.

While exiting Baga on Sunday morning, another victim convoy was attacked by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

The Governor returned to the inaccessible Maiduguri.

In a press release condemning the attack, APC governors said that there could be evidence that the federal government was making the struggle against terror within the state profitable.

“As progressive governors, we are saddened by this dastardly attack, which has resulted in premature death to the lives of security personnel and harmless residents,” claims signed by the president of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) and the governor of KBB, Atiku Bagudu, said.

‘We are part of our brother, Governor Zulm, our leader in Borno State and all Nigerians, who hope to repair the souls of all those who changed their lives the wrong way. At this painful interval, the people of Nigeria must be strengthened by the will power of Governor Zulm to speed up the course of peacekeeping in Borno State and certainly throughout the North East.

‘All Nigerians must rise again with the help of the lauded initiative of the Borno State Government to bring residents back to regular life within the state. We should increase the help of individuals and officials of Borno State to end all actions of Boko Haram insurgents, who promote commerce and tax administration that fund their heinous actions.

Clearly, the current methods and methods adopted by Borno state and security businesses are very efficient and the attack on Saturday, September 26, 2020, on 2 convoys of Boko Haram insurgents distract the federal government from guaranteeing that life Return to regular in Borno State. ‘

The governor additionally requested the Federal authorities to provide “additional logistics help” to security businesses stationed in Borno.

‘We will go on to help our half, our ally, Governor Babagna Umrah Zulm.’ “We in all elements of Nigeria reaffirm our dedication to helping our security businesses in carrying out all the functions of Boko Haram. ‘



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