These are the phrases of my grandfather, Nelson Mandela. Immediately, these phrases would name a pressure for momentum for the world to be targeted at the inevitability of social justice at a time when our personal safety and our home and partner have been threatened by new coronaviruses.

My dear aunt, Zindazi Mandela, who died in the last month probably due to COVID-19 illness. As his family, we still do not know the perfect reason for his death. As Madiba’s house, we did what he did, publicizing the truth that he had given an optimistic test for Covid-19.

If my grandfather were still here, he would mourn the death of Aunt Zidzi, while encouraging tens of millions of people around the world to think about dying from the disease within the society for their social and financial reasons Let’s move forward. I think they provoked COVID-19 to struggle everywhere so that no one was left behind.

At first, COVID-19 was commonly known as an important equalizer – a pathogen that did not know any race, class, creed, or shade. However, no sooner did the epidemic escalate than a transparent image in the world, illustrating how the virus exploits inequality. The US Within, the virus has taken a disproportionate proportion over communities of shade. According to APM’s analysis, the Analysis Lab found that these whites had more than 3 times the deaths of black individuals and indigenous individuals within the US.

In my country, in South Africa, COVID-19 has hit the poorest and most vulnerable communities hardest, killing 1000 people in rural areas and townships. Grandad will need to consider us extra and extra for the very fortunate, they are fully affected by COVID-19 in South Africa, the U.S. Within and around the world.

COVID-19 conditions have now increased to 500,000 in South Africa and the disease is increasing throughout Africa. The world must move quickly to help prevent pandemics on the continent. We also lost many of our lives because of Covid-19 and as well as HIV. A recent survey by the World Fund has demonstrated widespread service disruptions in HIV, TB and malaria responses due to COVID-19.

In order to prevent 1000 preventable deaths and to overcome the lack of more than a decade of progress on HIV, TB, and malaria and various diseases, additional treatment must be done. World leaders must act decisively to prevent the catastrophic consequences of COVID-19 in all vulnerable countries.

The World Fund has already offered the US $ 700 million for emergency actions to respond to COVID-19, practically eliminating sources that fight epidemics in low- and middle-income countries Are achievable. World health leaders have called for the implementation of Congress at least US $ 4 billion in funding.

I urge Congress to set aside the necessary sources for the World Fund and various international health partners to do their part in supporting the most susceptible nations to grapple with this disease and its consequences. It can be a time for world leadership and global solidarity.


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