Photo credit: Soneva Fushi resort

The remarkable new villas in the Maldives with 62ft waterslides, glass floors are also one of the vastest overwater retreats in the world.

The villas, known as water retreats, are located at the Soneva Fushi resort, with 6,286 sq ft and others 9,224 sq ft.

There is a private pool per villa, and plush sun loungers, a sunken seating area and catamaran nets.

The resort revealed that the ‘spacious interiors and exterior living spaces make the villas perfect for families’

Photo credit: Soneva Fushi resort

They are definitely not the most enormous overwater villas in the world, there is the approximately 18,300-square-foot Private Reserve at Gili Lankanfushi which is the largest. However, it is said that they are the largest one and two-bedroomed overwater villas.

Soneva Fushi opened earlier this month, on Kunfunadhoo Island Baa Atoll, with the one-bedroom villas encompassing 6,286 square feet and the two-bedroom retreats encompassing 9,224 square feet.

Every one of the eight new retreats has a 62ft (19m) waterslide that falls directly into the ocean, a retractable roof – that glides back above the master bed to uncover sunny skies or starlit nights – a personal swimming pool and see-through glass flooring so guests can gaze at the fish without stress.

Soneva Fushi says, the villas have an ample living area as well as a huge al-fresco deck.

Photo credit: Soneva Fushi resort

Natural and tolerable wood panels can be seen throughout the interiors and the colour palette comprises of light blues, greens and soft beiges ‘staying true to the rustic castaway style that Soneva Fushi is known for’.

The children’s room is fixed at the back of the master bedroom and ‘each of the rooms in the water retreats can be sealed off and the doors out onto the deck can be locked to ensure they are safe and suitable for all ages’ according to Soneva Fushi.

‘These water retreats have been raised high enough above the ocean so that the waves do not break against the underside like most overwater villas, thus reducing noise and vibrations.’

Photo credit: Soneva Fushi resort

A one-bedroom villa costs £2,262 ($2,952) per night, while a two-bedroom villa costs £5,623 ($7,336) per night.

‘The walls use recycled Styrofoam as insulation, which helps keep the interiors cooler and serves to muffle the sound of the wind and waves.

‘The curving jetty that links the water retreats to the island has been redesigned with the jetty planks laid lengthwise rather than width-wise to reduce the noise of buggies and bicycles riding along them.’

‘I wanted to keep Soneva Fushi’s natural beauty, so it looks almost the same as the day we found it, with the villas hidden amongst the vegetation. When we had to add more villas, we didn’t want to touch the beach, as we believe it should be for our guests and the turtles that visit our shores’ Eva Malmstrom Shivdasani, Soneva’s creative director, said.

‘These water retreats have been raised high enough above the ocean so that the waves do not break against the underside like most overwater villas, thus reducing noise and vibrations’ the resort says.

‘So, we built over the ocean. We hired all the right people to come and assess the proposed location, ensuring there would not be any live coral in the area.

‘The new water retreats are very spacious and have been finished in Soneva Fushi’s rustic style. Everyone involved in building these overwater villas has done a fantastic job.

‘Everything is bespoke and the joinery craftsmanship is amazing. Our guests can now stay in an island villa or a water retreat without moving between resorts.’

Photo credit: Soneva Fushi resort


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