Motorola Moto G is one of the best budget and reliable smartphones among other brands. Since its launch in 2013, it has continued to enhance over time, providing distinctive worth for cash within the price range and mid-range smartphone markets. Moto G8 has launched last year in October 2019, which means it may nearly be time for its annual refresh anticipated to be known as the Moto G9 Plus. Today we discuss everything we know about Moto G9 Plus.

When Moto G9 Plus will be Release and What’s the Price?

Till now no specific date has been released but according to the rumor and last series hopefully, the  Moto G9 Plus launched on October 2020 with a price of under £250 in the UK and a leaked featuring on a Spanish retailer price at €277.15, which is around £250 in the UK and $315 in the US and talking about G8 the costs £239 in the UK and €269 – it isn’t available in the US. The last  Motorola Moto G8 Plus launched in October 2019, ahead of the rest of the G8 range, which includes the Moto G8 Power, Moto G8 Power Lite, and the Moto G8. The Moto G9 Plus follows the footsteps of G8 so most probably all are expecting Sometime in October 2020.

Specs and Hardware?

The G8 came up with a 4000mAh battery, along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, So it is expected that G9 will be COmes up with some upgrade in both types for Moto G9 Plus. Also, the RAM of Motorola G9 has been according to the retailer website is 4GB of RAM the same as the Moto G8 Plus and 128GB of storage, which is like double what the G8 Plus provides.

The Specs and Hardware about G9 are not confirmed yet but according to sources there will couple of variants for sure. Also, we might like to see the recently-announced Snapdragon 690 on board, which presents 5G, however, in the meantime, the leaks for the Moto G9 Plus have not urged any particular hardware, apart from a 4700mAh battery with 30W quick charging.


No details were leaked related to capabilities of Moto G9 camera but based on G8 which has a 25-megapixel selfie camera and a triple camera system on the rear comprised of a 48-megapixel main sensor with a 16-megapixel action cam and 5-megapixel depth sensor. So, we hoping that Moto G9 offers mores Megapixel and other features in terms of camera.


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