Airtel data plan

What do you know about Airtel data plan 2020? do you want to subscribe a bundle now? find out the simple code to do it fast. Life without the Internet would not just be boring. But accessing information would be more difficult.

Airtel which is one of the significant telecommunications service providers in Nigeria has impressive tariff plans with internet services for its users which you can choose from. This makes it quite popular and widely used. Here is what you need to know about latest Airtel data plan for the month.

How to buy cheap Airtel data plan

Are you a new Airtel users? Let me walk you through the process, here are the basics of what you need to know about cheap Airtel data plan today.
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•Mega plans
•Social plans
•Instagram bundles
•Top up bundles
•Pay As You Use option

Daily and weekly Airtel data plan

These data bundles are the cheapest. Should you want to find out ‘How can I get 1GB data on Airtel?’ this is the simplest option.

Daily plans offer the following options:

•25 MB for N50, *141*50#
•75 MB for N100, *141*100#
•1 GB for N300, *141*354#
•2 GB for N500, *141*504#

You can also choose to buy a 3-day 200 MB Airtel data plan for 200 Naira (dial *141*200#).

Weekly plans come as follows:

•350 MB for N300, *141*300#
•1 GB for N500, *141*502#
•6 GB for N1,500, *141*1504#

You can buy a 2-week 750 MB Airtel data plan for 500 Naira (dial *141*500#).

Monthly plans

This is a perfect bundle if you like to spend more time on the internet.

•1.5 GB for N1,000, *141*1000#
•2 GB for N1,200, *141*1200#
•3 GB for N1,500, *141*1500#
•4.5 GB for N2,000, *141*2000#
•6 GB for N2,500, *141*2500#
•8 GB for N3,000, *141*3000#
•11 GB for N4,000, *141*4000#

Peradventure you are a heavy data user,you will most likely need more than the regular monthly data bundles. Check out this mega packs.

•15 GB for N5,000, *141*5000#
•40 GB for N10,000, *141*10000#
•75 GB for N15,000, *141*15000#
•110 GB for N20,000, *141*20000#

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These are valid for 30 days and you can spend as much time on the internet as they want.

Social plans

This plan is the best, if you need to access to the internet just to use social networks. They provide access to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

•10 MB – 25 Naira for 1 day, *948*4# (WhatsApp only!)
•40 MB – 50 Naira for 1 day, *991*4# (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
•80 MB – 100 Naira for 5 days, *688*3# (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
•600 MB – 300 Naira for 25 days, *688*1# (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)

Note: The first plan is for chatting on WhatsApp only, and the last three give access to using Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

There are another three available options for those who need access to Facebook and WhatsApp only:

•100 MB – N25 for 1 day, *141*254# (*141*254*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)
•200 MB – N50 for 1 week, *141*54# (*141*54*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)
•500 MB – N100 for 1 month, *141*104# (*141*104*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)

Airtel data plan for Instagram bundles

These are bundles mainly for Instagram:

•250 MB for N100, *141*105#
•1 GB for N200, *141*205#
Note: these plans are only available for 1 day.

Airtel data plan for Top up bundles
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These bundles are an effective way to top up your balance in case you are out of data and you want to remain connected. Here are the options:

•1 GB for 500 Naira, *141*11*9#
•2 GB for 1,000 Naira, *141*11*10#
•4 GB for 2,000 Naira, *141*11*11#
•10 GB for 5,000 Naira, *141*11*12#

They are postpaid and you can buy any preferable one after your monthly Airtel data plan is exhausted.

Opera bundles

Opera Airtel data plan Bundles are an ideal choice if you only need access to Opera Mini.

•25 MB for N20 (for 1 day), *141*253#
•100 MB for N50 (for 7 days), *141*53#
•300 MB for N100 (for 30 days), dial *141*103#

Note: Neither of these Airtel data plan permits downloads or video streaming.

Airtel 4G Plans

Do you love the experience that comes with an extra-fast 4G internet connection? Then check out the special Airtel data plan for Airtel 4G Bundles. However, you have to be certain that you will use the data within an area that is covered by Airtel 4G routers. Otherwise, the plans will not function.

•10 GB for 5,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone
•30 GB for 10,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone
•60 GB for 15,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone
•120 GB for 20,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone

All existing Airtel data plan for Airtel 4G offers are only valid for 30 days.

Pay As You Use

This Airtel data plan enables you to use mobile internet at a cheap charge of just 3 Naira per 1 MB. To start using this service, you will need to dial *400#.

Buy data online

You can also buy some of the Airtel data plan online from an official website. You can select from various daily and monthly plans, depending on how much megabytes you need.

You will find several options to pick from on the company’s official website. You just have to select Airtel data plan suitable bundle, click on it and insert your telephone number.

Now you don’t have to struggle with remaining connected to the Internet.


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