Image Credit: Sahara Reporters

Ondo State authorities on Monday directed civil servants to renew their positions of responsibility.

These instructions range from grade 1 to 12, which had been working remotely for 5 months as a result of an outbreak of the coronavirus

The head of the service within the state, Oludare Aragbaye in a memorandum in Akure, the capital, on Sunday directed the employees to resume.

‘It is to be recalled that efforts by state officials in combination with COVID-19 have yielded encouraging results for the fact that the virus curve within the state has actually been largely flat.

‘This is in keeping with the fact that Governor Oluvarotimi Akeredolu directed all public employees at grade stage 01-12 and the various employees who hired from home to renew the work on Monday, October 5, 2020, Was’.

‘Due to this fact, all are committed to efficient and environmentally friendly service delivery to reorganize employees and to the good sign of the authorities.’

Sources say that the service chief was pressurized to order the reinstatement of staff by Governor Akaradolu as head of the service to entice his help ahead of Saturday’s governor election within the state.

Sahara’s reporters said in a statement, “Do not be shocked that the governor will start paying some allowances and bonuses on Saturday for the votes of the staff and their help this week.”


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