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The Award-winning Afrobeat sensation star one an only Barna Boy has announced the names of some outstanding Nigerians who hold a special heart due to the sacrifices he has paid to Nigeria.

Burna Boy engaged in an interplay, New Way, where he spoke and discussed the 60th Independence anniversary for Nigeria and the great men who paid the sacrifice to see the country prosper. He named Nigeria’s lawyer Adebayo O. Cited Ogunlesi as a genuine reflection of the service and gratitude of Nigerian individuals,

‘In keeping with his personal phrases,’ he mentions in an announcement, ‘there are some tough Nigerians, seriously respected Nigerians to whom I can lay my last blood.’ ‘Whoever has taken it upon themselves and has gone out of every place on the planet and fully developed into who they are positively developing … there are so many of them … like I Named in his music, Adebayo Ogunlesi…’

‘There are so many football players who have additionally gone away and also are available to do one thing again, the only hope that we have as a result of the leaders appointed to do so, is simply not to lower it from this level Do, ‘ he said.


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