According to a study was published on Thursday, The Crocodile several species plying rivers and brackish byways in the Americas from Florida to Peru – all species of crocodile come from Africa.

Researchers find out in a study that, They may have descended from a single pregnant specimen that bobbed along Atlantic Ocean currents to the New World at least five million years ago, probably longer.

Reported in a  journal Scientific Reports, According to the deep analysis skull fragment finds out from the Libyan desert in 1939, focusing out the same direction the finding is powered by genetic evidence.

One of the main lead authors Massimo Delfino from the University of Turin and Dawid Iurino, a palaeontologist at Sapienza University in Rome, told AFP through email, “This is a really interesting discovery, It supports the outcome of molecular biologists that proposed the origin of American crocodiles had to be found in Africa.”

a seven million-year-old fossil that has been kept away for many years on a museum drawer in a university “Out Of Africa”  theory is based on that re-examination of the skull and upper jaw. It belonged to a different species known as Crocodylus checchiai.

One of the researchers told when asked if the evidence was decisive “Our results are solid. The main problem for palaeobiologists is the rarity and fragmentary nature of fossil remains.”

Also, 4 other fossils unearthed with complete skull and jaw in Libya at the same time, probably that is either Devastated or lost during a World War 2. Also, The contestant Extirpate a big neglected fossil from Africa Crocodylus niloticus, aka the Nile crocodile — as the closest forebear of the American species.

According to the reporter, “It shows the lost connection between the African and American lineages.” However We can assume one or more specimens – perhaps a pregnant female – scatter from Africa to America about 7 million years ago, at the very least five million.”

Such king of a Voyage has possible that demonstrated a saltwater crocodile by a present-day cousin, which satellite shows that they can travel 500 kilometres (310 miles) in about a month while passively transported by ocean currents.

Across the tropics of Africa, Asia, Australia and, of course, the Americas there are 16 species spread and for dwarf crocodile,2 they vary in size from less than 2 metres to more than seven metres and 1,000 kilos for the saltwater species.



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