A pediatric nurse and HIV counselor, Mrs. Rosalyn Solarin has revealed that no less than 1.9 million Nigerians live with HIV / AIDS.

Citing UNAIDS and the National Agency for the Management of AIDS Statistics, Mrs. Solarin noted the rise in HIV / AIDS, which was frequent among individuals between the ages of 15 and 49, including on Nigeria Earth. But the country remains the best endemic HIV / AIDS.

The Chief Nursing Officer, who doubles as the President of the Nationwide Affiliation of the Nigerian Nurses and Midwifery Association of Nigeria (NANNM), spoke at Sagamu in the launch and public presentation of an ebook titled Ogun State Chapter, A Sex Book Made Simple, a Handbook to support mother and father with confidence in sexual intercourse

He urges the young men to abstain from sexual intercourse until they are married, and the place where they cannot help it, they first need to protect and protect the gear – condoms, their lives As a way to mold, well, and future.

Mrs. Solarin blamed the excessive charge of moral decadence for the arrival of the web and social media within the nation, accusing mothers and fathers of being alive to their parental obligations, especially by giving them sex education.

The book was written by a small medical physicist, Opemi Adeyemi, who, through his new book, urged the Nigerian mother and father to leave behind, his indomitable century-old ideology and an entirely new mindset referenced to the present. Does. Occasions.

Mrs. Solarin recognized stigma and homosexuality as components that pressured many individuals living with HIV / AIDS to go underground, making it tuff for them to succumb to therapy, but to many naïve and courageous young populations. Stored to spread terrible disease among.

She mentions providing the best sexual intercourse schooling in her book that will help protect people against unprotected sex, measure the diversity of sexual partners, get pregnant back, and guard against STDs, Rape among others.

The father is as essential as the mother may be as necessary as the mother’s daddy, so each mother and father must collectively come back and discuss with their child about sex schooling to find out what they are as a result of you Know. Surprised about what these children already know and you should take a step to educate them, what they don’t know, they have received much information to improve.

If you do not talk about whether the child is not medical, then there is a psychological aspect of sexual abuse and sexual assault of the child, so it is important that we guarantee the best rights to the justice of that child as a result of such a child get receive. Not to be left without justice.

He referred to as authorities on each state and federal borders to re-examine their legal guidelines in opposition to rape and sexual harassment to steamroll ugly growth within the nation.


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