This week Xiaomi is celebrating its 10th-anniversary and chose to flow into his personal pure gold commemoration as an expensive memento for his followers. It is attainable with gold when the model can boast a boost of over 1000 models, 1,660 being the true 98-inch Redmi Good TV Max in just under a minute; The TV is priced at 19,999 yuan (~ US $ 2,877) for a snag. Here is a report on the latest Redmi Good TV Max gross sales.

At 19,999 yuan (the US $ 2,877), this is an overall gross sales determination; Practically 20 million yuan (the US $ 2.877 million) reached in a minute. Xiaomi has done well every time with the 98-inch Redmi Smart TV Max. Upon its initial launch, 1,000 models of the Redmi Max 98 were introduced in just three minutes; Therefore, the latest gross sales achievement on the 1,660 models is more extraordinary, contemplating.

It appears that Xiaomi is able to pull in its consumers with an attractive price for a good 98-inch TV in China; MEMC expertise provides a substantial metal frame construction, Dolby support, a 12nm optimized processor and 85% NTSC color gamut protection.

What the reason before making a 98-inch smart TV?

For those who are raising questions, why is Xiaomi making a 98-inch TV? Regardless, there is not a huge market for it. Within the broadcast of the final evening, Lei Jun defined his unique intent, which was tied to the advice of NetEase founder Ding Lei.

At the Wuzhen conference in the final 12 months of August, Lei Jun drank wine at dinner with Ding Lei. Ding Lei talked about how his work uses Xiaomi TV for video conferences; Although they would require a change to a larger TV panel or projector, there is a demand for large screen TVs; With the highest funds of 50,000 yuan

Ding Lei additionally talked about how, if there was such a Mi TV, he would buy 100 models of it. After listening to Ding Lei’s proposal, Lei Jun instantly knew him as the overall supervisor of Xiaomi’s TV department; And noted that “many corporations are now using TV as an alternative to projectors.  Can we make a super big screen tv? Can it be less than 50,000 yuan ”, then soon Xiaomi R & D department adopted.

Finally, in March of this 12 months, Redmi launched the Redmi Smart TV MAX 98-inch TV; With a 4K judgment, the 1.2 meter is 13.6% greater than a single mattress and flattened like a ping-pong desk. In addition, the Redmi Good TV MAX 98-inch TV is priced at only 19,999 yuan, which is clearly less than 50,000 yuan worth of tickets, but in addition, is just one / fifth of the price of various related merchants from competing manufacturers. It comes with additional supply service, and the entire course from supply to set up is completed within 30 days

Nevertheless, it can be seen that if Xiaomi will supply Redmi Smart TV Max in international markets, it will repeat the gross sales success of the house.


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