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According to the Disease Control and Prevention, Older people are at more risk of catching Coronavirus, and health care workers aren’t excluded. The difficulty is coronavirus sufferers must see these at-risk suppliers. To solve this problem, a Baltimore critical care doctor has recruited someone for their help which is a robot named Fast Freddie and critical care doctor H. Neal Reynolds is a new kind of medical team.

A doctor named Reynolds in his office at home and his robot Fast Freddie is taking care of COVID patients which are 22 miles away at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. Reynolds says “With this system, it’s just like being there. It’s very real-time. It’s very comfortable. And patients can see my face, my emotions, my eye contact, and I can see the same on them.”

It permits patients to see a veteran doctor with years of experience — a health care provider who in any other case wouldn’t have the ability to help.

Additionally, Reynolds says “I’m 72. Allegedly, I belong to a high-risk category for getting this disease and doing poorly. It’s real, and it’s dangerous to some.” The CDC has been begun tracking COVID-19 symptoms between the health care workers, and the numbers are significant. According to the partial date, they have seen, around 1 lakh people tested COVID positive and approx. 531 have died.

To see that condition, Reynolds’ boss sent him home in March. He has not been to the hospital since, however, due to Fast Freddie, as well as he has not missed a shift, rounding within the ICU day by day. The COVID patients are not fully packed like before, but Reynolds says to a reporter, We also need such kind of a robot-like Fast Freddie on future because now is the time to be ready for a possible second surge of Coronavirus.

Reynolds said “Not only does it protect us, but its opportunity us, I believe, to deliver better care, so we can actually get back to the bedside.


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